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Thursday, October 06, 2022
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Books for Readers (B4R) is considered a grassroots bookstore. It was created in 2019 as Indie Lector, LLC, by B Alan Bourgeois, an author advocate that wanted to help authors to succeed. Since its initial creation, the bookstore has changed and altered slightly over the years, creating more opportunities for authors to succeed. The latest addition is the creation of NFTs that authors can use to increase their income opportunities while offering readers something new and exciting.

As a way for authors to succeed, Bourgeois also created opportunities for fellow authors to own a share of the B4R bookstore. Each of the owners is not rich, therefore, they don’t have the deep pockets of a normal bookstore to spend on advertising and promotion, or a fancy website. They do, however, have a reader base that they can offer specials and discounts, while still allowing the author to earn a fair share of income. It is this opportunity that allows for B4R to grow as a grassroots bookstore, putting authors and readers ahead of corporate greed.

What each author also has is the grit and determination to do what is necessary to succeed as an author. This determination for their success carries over to the desire to help other authors succeed as well. It is this main driving force that helped them to create the only bookstore offering to pay authors up to 80% of the retail price of their books as commission. No other bookstore offers this high rate of return.

There are of course other options for authors to opt into, which results in lower commission rates, but regardless of the option they select, the author is part of something historic and trend-setting with additional opportunities to grow their income base as a published author. No other bookstore offers this type of creativity or opportunity.

Since the creation of B4R, other online bookstores have popped up with the same general concept, but at lower commission rates, and with fewer income streams, if any at all.

Readers deserve great books and fair prices. Authors deserve a fair income for their work. B4R brings both of these key elements to their bookstore to help create a thriving online bookstore. The goal for B4R is to find additional ways to bring great books to local communities either through brick and mortar, or more non-traditional ways. This is just the beginning.