Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is what fuels the NFT marketplace. While many NFTs are currently focused on art and music, there is a marketplace for book-cover NFTs. Through our partnership with the Authors School of Business, we are working towards creating a fair value marketplace to help promote indie author books along with their eBooks and audiobooks.

Our current NFT marketplace can be found here: B4RBookstore - Profile | OpenSea You can view and purchase any of the NFT book covers there, and all come with a FREE eBook. Soon, we will be combining both the NFT and eBook or the NFT and audiobook and creating a place where readers can purchase the combo product, just as if they were purchasing a book, however, our marketplace will also include the ability to resale the NFT combo, or the individual eBook or Audiobook.

This new and original concept is something we have been working towards since 2020, and as we find investors and buyers to help us with the growth of this new market, we know readers will enjoy the ability to resale their eBook or audiobook, or the NFT combo. This opportunity will also allow for increased sales revenue for authors while allowing the reader to enjoy possible profits from the resale. A win-win for all participants.

To join us in this endeavor, please keep an eye out on this website, or get advance notice of new NFTs and combos by signing up for our newsletter here:

If yu would like to learn more about Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs, please check out the blog at the Authors School of Business website.