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Thursday, October 06, 2022
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Our Mission

Indie Lector, LLC was created to help authors in earning their fair share from their book sales. While we have a set-up fee to help cover our costs of adding an author to the system, we offer many programs that outweigh the cost of the set-up fee. Most importantly, we give authors an opportunity to earn up to 80% of their book sales. NO other bookstore does that!

Our Value

Created by Author Advocate B Alan Bourgeois, who has worked hard since 2011 to advocate for all types of authors. Helping them to grow stronger in their writing endeavor and in the finances as an author. As an award-winning author himself, he continues to see the abuse by big corporations that only care about enriching themselves, and little to nothing about Authors lives.

Our Solution

This bookstore began in 2019 and was the first of its kind. While he is the majority stake holder, each author that participates in the program has an opportunity to become a stakeholder, thus allowing for their shares to increase and help fellow authors. Alan believes in being in the forefront of publishing when possible, including NFTs that we be added to the store soon.

Contact Info

We welcome all types of positive messages.  


Indie Lector, LLC

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